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Mail Order Shutdown – and a new future!

We are no longer accepting web or phone orders, until Spring 2018. We are SO sorry to all our far flung fans, particularly those of you who have been watching and waiting patiently for that sweet new Melly.

Unfortunately, something had to give. Exploding demand, and ridiculous 7 month delays at Polartec (our fabric supplier), have left us with chronically low inventory. The Melanzana shopping experience has been deteriorating. For the next few months we will focus on building inventory in our brick-and-mortar store in Leadville, thus bringing the store back to it’s former glory. Online sales will return later in 2018 with an all new format, so please don’t despair! Yep, we are busting our butts daily.


In the past few years we have doubled our production to 2800 garments a month. We are committed to long term success! Sewing, sewing, sewing…


To make room for continued growth, we are in the midst of a major 2000 square foot expansion project. More space, more sewing machines, more awesome employees, more cozy hoodies. The plastic is up…


and behind the plastic, old walls are coming down…


Thanks so much for your support and understanding!

Fritz Howard, Founder

To be notified when we are back online in 2018, submit your email HERE.


Sewers at work.

AUG_2017 slow down

This summer has blown by in a blur of fleece. Every day we hear that someone’s daughter/cousin/raft guide told them they MUST stop by Melanzana next time they are in Leadville. We love seeing your worn out old Mellys, and hearing about how many consecutive days you have lived in your Micro Grid Hoodies. Thank you so much for your support! Sadly though, we can’t keep up.


AUG_2017 MonicaMonica is an awesome sewer.

We carefully grow our production team every year, and we now have sixteen amazing full time sewers in our little shop. Despite these efforts we are still left with empty racks. Even worse, our fabric supplier continues to experience moving pains, and our fabric shipments are currently running 4 months late.


AUG_2017 ZachZach has skills with the hot drill.

But don’t lose hope! We have new colors in Micro Grid, Wind Pro, and Power Dry coming this fall. Good things are happening, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your patience!


AUG_2017 Melly remodelNew office & bathrooms taking shape next door.

AND, a massive remodel of our building is well underway. This winter we will tear down the walls between Melanzana and the old restaurant next door, doubling our production space and giving us room to grow and evolve for many years to come. Our commitment to providing jobs and operating locally is stronger than ever, and maybe – just maybe – in the future this will help us keep some product on the shelves.

Our supplier is in a ditch, no Micro Grid until mid May.

maxresdefaultOur supplier has been consolidating their operations, and recently moved production from Massachusetts to Tennessee. Apparently, they got stuck in a ditch along the way, leading to some major delays . Our next shipment of Micro Grid fabric, which they initially promised a month ago, now looks to be arriving here at the end of April, two months late. Thus, no more Micro Grid hoodies, dresses, or anything else MG until the middle of May.

Meanwhile we are sewing up big piles of everything else, so check out our growing selection of Hard Face, High Loft, and Wind Pro. And many thanks to all you Melly lovers out there, we are busier than ever!

DD in the HF 1_2017

More Justin Talbot

Another great shot by local Justin Talbot! Check out more here.

Justin Talbot / Leadville photographer

Great shot from Leadville’s East Side backcountry. Thanks Justin!

Crunch Time

We’re feeling the love! It’s been a crazy overwhelming year at Melanzana. A BIG THANKS to all of you who support us and buy our locally made products.


_dsc1235-2No, we probably don’t have what you want at this moment, but yes, we are working on it! We will have big fresh batches of all our products coming out over the next couple of months. Check the product pages on our website for specific timing.


_dsc1225-2Javier, one of our 14 full time sewers, working yesterday on his bundle of Hard Face Hoodies.

We make our product in big batches. This allows to be efficient and produce more. It also means that many items only come out once every three months. We ask you to be understanding with our inventory. This is the path we choose. We choose to manufacture here in Leadville. We choose gentle, sustainable growth. We choose to be a modest brand, for the people.

Thanks for all your support!

Going, Going, Gold.

Enjoying our local bike trails covered in gold.