Melanzana has manufactured outdoor clothing in Leadville, Colorado since 1994. We design, cut, sew and sell our apparel exclusively in our downtown Leadville location. It ain’t easy, but it seems to work.

Check out our products at www.melanzana.com, or at our retail store in downtown Leadville. We’re here busting our butts on a daily basis, just so you can wear outdoor clothing that is uniquely functional and 100% made in the good ol’ U.S.A.

Our store is open 7 days a week!
Monday – Saturday: 10AM – 6PM
Sunday: 10AM – 5PM

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23 responses to “About

  1. We visited your store and shop yesterday, and we were very impressed with your products and their quality.
    Thanks, Merete Cunningham

  2. I use Melanzana shirts every day of the week. I have for over 8 years. The long sleeve powder shirts are no longer made (much sadness) but I am hoping to revivie the line before my shirts just disintegrate.

    • Reagan – Thanks for the comment. We recently recommitted ourselves to the silkweight Power Dry! Look for a new improved version of the Longsleeve to be available late summer or early fall 2012. Also, all of our new Power Dry material will be made from 100% recycled polyester.

  3. carrie thompson

    I love it all.I used to work for COBS and now have a daughter at HMI-her name is Abby Smith. I Still love outdoor haute couture, and am always sewing and serging new bike/outdoor/dog-walking/xc-skiing clothing. Being from Minnesota, we like warm stuff. So much fabric, so little time. Can’t wait to visit in March.

    Thanks, Carrie

  4. I love the new tall sizing. Please offer it in the dress.

  5. Will Melanzana be coming out with New Winter Colors this season?

  6. Love y’all stuff & own many items. I’m looking to order some microgrid hoodies and dresses for friends and wondering if y’all were planning on coming out with and/or re-upping old color options any time soon? Thanks!

    • Hi D- We will have more hoodies and dresses available in the next couple of weeks. We are running 8 or 9 colors of Micro Grid right now, with various two-tones. You can see them on our website in the 2nd slide show photo on the various Micro Grid product pages. We wont have any other MG colors until summer 2017. Hope you find what you want, call or email our retail staff if you need more details, thanks!

  7. will you be having any more MG in womens S in the near future? It’s hard to think you are out of them. Carol

  8. Shelby Schumacher

    How can I purchase a Micro Grid Hoodie in “grape” in Men’s medium?

  9. Hi looking to take melly dress to a friend in NZ in early may. See u don’t have any left to order is there any chance u have a medium in the seconds basket? Thanks

  10. Hello! I was wondering if y’all had the Women’s Microgrid Hoodie size Large in the Silver color… I did not see it online!
    Thank you!!

  11. Hey, just wondering if you can offer the womens hard face vest or hoody in some of the WAAY better men’s colors? Why don’t women get the awesome aqua–or the amazing azure blue? don’t we deserve bright colors too?????

    • Hey Amy – Sorry for the delayed response. The colors are not the same in both genders because we are working with some limited quantities of Hard Face fabric right now, due to delays at our fabric supplier Polartec. But some Women’s Vests have been coming out of sewing into our retail now, and I see some bright colors in there too!

  12. Hey!
    I am wondering if you wonderful people sell patches, perhaps ones with your logo? I wore a hole in my favorite hoodie and I would be tickled pink if I could get a patch with your logo. Thank you!
    Warm regards,
    Lexi hughes

  13. Hi, just wondering when you think your online store will open up.

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