Mail Order Shutdown – and a new future!

We are no longer accepting web or phone orders, until Spring 2018. We are SO sorry to all our far flung fans, particularly those of you who have been watching and waiting patiently for that sweet new Melly.

Unfortunately, something had to give. Exploding demand, and ridiculous 7 month delays at Polartec (our fabric supplier), have left us with chronically low inventory. The Melanzana shopping experience has been deteriorating. For the next few months we will focus on building inventory in our brick-and-mortar store in Leadville, thus bringing the store back to it’s former glory. Online sales will return later in 2018 with an all new format, so please don’t despair! Yep, we are busting our butts daily.


In the past few years we have doubled our production to 2800 garments a month. We are committed to long term success! Sewing, sewing, sewing…


To make room for continued growth, we are in the midst of a major 2000 square foot expansion project. More space, more sewing machines, more awesome employees, more cozy hoodies. The plastic is up…


and behind the plastic, old walls are coming down…


Thanks so much for your support and understanding!

Fritz Howard, Founder

To be notified when we are back online in 2018, submit your email HERE.


24 responses to “Mail Order Shutdown – and a new future!

  1. Oh so sad! I’m sure glad I ordered the Xmas presents early this year! I hope the next few months help you catch up and I will be excited to have the online ordering back in the spring of next year! Happy holidays and thanks!

  2. That’s unfortunate, I’d been planning on ordering one of your hard face fleeces for a while now but I wanted to wait till I got back out to California. Just got on today to buy it….

  3. It’s a good problem to have…good for you! Thanks for the communication and commitment to serve your customers so thoughtfully. We will anxiously await your reopening next year!

  4. I’m not surprised and agree with your move. As a customer, it has been a bit frustrating, so I applaude the move if it supports Melly’s long term success and means I can get your products when I want them. To clarify, the Leadville shop is still currently open? Can I call to check inventory before I drive up from Greeley?

    Love your stuff…


    Ugh! I shouldn’t have promoted the Melly’s so hard the last few months. There goes my xmas presents!!! good luck though!

  6. Dang, have been refreshing the site for months trying to buy a mens M microgrid hoodie for my dad, who became obsessed after seeing one my colleague was wearing 😦 Guess he’ll have to wait for his birthday rather than Christmas unless we can make it to Leadville…

  7. So happy for your success. I remember when you got started. Still wear my 21 yr. Old fleece. Much respect to you all. Please let me know when you’re up and running again. Grateful costumer frank brown.

  8. Looking forward to visiting your store on our ski trip in Jan 2018.. love your products and your company.. thankful you have stayed faithful in your beliefs… local and awesome quality:) I will patiently wait knowing what is to come…

  9. 😦 was hoping to snag one of your hoodies for my PCT thru. I hope you’ll be up and running before 4.16.18!

  10. Thanks for the heads up. It’s good to know that business is that good for you and that you’re keeping it local. Meanwhile, I’ll just snuggle down in my microgrid hoodie here in Minnesota and wait patiently for your online store to come back.

  11. So exciting for you all! Reading comments to see some people are disappointed, but I think we should all focus on how great this is for melanzana overall! Good thing I bought my first two mellies this year! They’ll keep me warm and cozy until spring 🙂

  12. As Maxwell Smart would say… “Missed it by THAT much.” We meant to come visit the store this summer as we passed through Leadville but we were short on time and I figured I’d just order online later. Excited for you and hopefully I can get to the store this winter or wait (patiently 😉 ) for Spring!

  13. We ❤ you in Silver Plume and applaud your success and continued perseverance to indie integrity! We roadtrip to PbVille every couple months and always stop in to see what's up…will continue to come by and see what we can grab as it comes available. Wanting a guy's hoodie and girly skirt but are patient. Again, congrats on the success! Know it's hard to let folks down (coming from another in the retail biz) but…that's (show) business! 🙂 Keep it up!!!

  14. Will look forward to 2018 then. Last year tried to get my parents some of the pants and unable to get a color in their size. Hoped to make it happen this year, but maybe 2018! Love your products — great for the Ohio winters.

  15. Good problem to have and tough when Polartec is so far behind on supply. Have you guys considered doing a seasonal pre-order (winter orders due in August for example) so you can keep up with customer demand, forecast and maintain profitable inventory levels without excessive overhead?

    • Hey Brett – Good idea, but sounds more like a strategy for dealing with wholesale customers, not so much for retail? For sure, we need to step up our ability to plan, which historically could be summed up as “make as much stuff as we can, and watch it fly out to the door”.

  16. My friend here in VT has a microgrid dress that I love. I will wait patiently. Best of luck!

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