Sewers at work.

AUG_2017 slow down

This summer has blown by in a blur of fleece. Every day we hear that someone’s daughter/cousin/raft guide told them they MUST stop by Melanzana next time they are in Leadville. We love seeing your worn out old Mellys, and hearing about how many consecutive days you have lived in your Micro Grid Hoodies. Thank you so much for your support! Sadly though, we can’t keep up.


AUG_2017 MonicaMonica is an awesome sewer.

We carefully grow our production team every year, and we now have sixteen amazing full time sewers in our little shop. Despite these efforts we are still left with empty racks. Even worse, our fabric supplier continues to experience moving pains, and our fabric shipments are currently running 4 months late.


AUG_2017 ZachZach has skills with the hot drill.

But don’t lose hope! We have new colors in Micro Grid, Wind Pro, and Power Dry coming this fall. Good things are happening, and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your patience!


AUG_2017 Melly remodelNew office & bathrooms taking shape next door.

AND, a massive remodel of our building is well underway. This winter we will tear down the walls between Melanzana and the old restaurant next door, doubling our production space and giving us room to grow and evolve for many years to come. Our commitment to providing jobs and operating locally is stronger than ever, and maybe – just maybe – in the future this will help us keep some product on the shelves.


18 responses to “Sewers at work.

  1. I am so happy you can continue to provide us loyalists with their Mellies! I was really worried when I started reading the blog that Melanzana would no longer exist. I visit Leadville every year and always update my collection either at the store or on-line. My whole family love Melanzana! continue to do Good Work! Thank you.

  2. Hey I’m seeing some new colors starting to show up on the website for the hard face vest! I’m looking for some womens XL! Any idea if those will be available soon? I just love Melanzana!

  3. Hoping to buy a micro grid hoodie soon. I’ll be waiting for more colors in mens medium whenever you have them available. Does anyone know if this would work well for a NOBO AT thru hike?

    • Hi – We will have more Men’s Medium MG Hoodies coming out next week, but we are only working with a handful of colors right now due to issues at the fabric mill. Please email our retail staff directly for more detail or if you want to be contacted directly when they are available. A lot of people like our MG hoodies for thru hiking. It’s a simple and versatile layer that works great for moderate activity and the hood is sweet at night when camping. Good luck!

  4. Wow, I’m loving the new colors in the MG Hoody! Will you have some womens large available soon???

  5. Will the Mustard color be coming back in the Women’s MG? Love that one!

  6. Will you be getting more Men’s XL MG Hoodies in the new colors?

    • Hi Mark – Yeah we will have a few more Men’s XL trickle out towards the end of the week. Color selection will be limited due to delays at the fabric mill. To contact our retail staff directly: info at melanzana dot com. If you request it they will contact you directly when we have the item you are looking for. Thanks!

  7. Oh no I need a microgrid hoodie for Nieces birthday at the end of the month can I get an email when more are available?

  8. Glad to see you are growing, sorry to see no Melly shopping for me for a while. The email sign up doesn’t work and I would love to be able to know when you are back online. Any help?

  9. As long as I have a pulse I’ll be buying Melanzana clothing.

    Fritz/Melanzana crew “keep on rocking in the free world”

    Thanks for making life better.

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