Our supplier is in a ditch, no Micro Grid until mid May.

maxresdefaultOur supplier has been consolidating their operations, and recently moved production from Massachusetts to Tennessee. Apparently, they got stuck in a ditch along the way, leading to some major delays . Our next shipment of Micro Grid fabric, which they initially promised a month ago, now looks to be arriving here at the end of April, two months late. Thus, no more Micro Grid hoodies, dresses, or anything else MG until the middle of May.

Meanwhile we are sewing up big piles of everything else, so check out our growing selection of Hard Face, High Loft, and Wind Pro. And many thanks to all you Melly lovers out there, we are busier than ever!

DD in the HF 1_2017


10 responses to “Our supplier is in a ditch, no Micro Grid until mid May.

  1. I guess I’ll have to be patient for another dress!

  2. April Fools!

  3. Are you going to be making the womens Hardface Hoody in the azure blue color? Or the cool bighorn gray? Looks like new colors but only available in men’s sizes right now. The pastel blue womens is not real flattering. We like bright colors too!

    • HI Amy – Azure and Bighorn were only used for the Men’s Hard Face this last time around, sorry. Next time we cut and sew Hard Face, which is at least two months away, we may have Azure in Women’s HF Hoodies. Lots of other colors available, including some bright ones! Email our retail staff if you need more help. info at melanzana dot com

  4. Can you please provide update regarding when Women’s MG dresses will be available?

  5. P.S. Clarification – Patiently wondering when Women’s MG two tone dresses (sz medium) will be available? Thanks! Worth the wait.

    • Hi VC – Please email our retail staff directly, info at melanzana dot com. They can look at whats in production and tell you when more W’s M Dresses are coming out. Color choices are limited right now because we have only been getting partial shipments of fabric, and our finished product sells quickly. I hope you get what you want soon!

  6. Got any more men’s Hard Face Vests coming in medium, coal? Need one!

    • Hi Amy – Sorry we are out of the “Coal” Hard Face fabric, so there will not be any more Vests made in that color. There are some other dark neutral colors in stock, like Blue Graphite and Bark. I hope you find something! Please email our retail staff directly if you have any more questions – info at melanzana dot com. Thanks

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