Fanmail: Sasquatch P***s

Good morning!

I don’t have a question today, just feedback. First thing’s first: I love your clothes. I have a hard face hoodie, a micro grid hoodie, a micro grid zip top and a wind pro 200 hoodie. I have been wearing your clothes for 3 or 4 years now and I will no doubt be buying myself something new as soon as fall hits. Is it weird that one of the things I look forward to about summer ending is busting out my Zana’s? I don’t know how you dudes do it, but you make the softest and most comfortable clothes that my rough skin and calloused hands have ever felt. Putting on a Zana makes me feel like a new born baby being swaddled in soft fresh blanket. It also makes me feel like I could ride a unicycle on a tight rope blindfolded across the Grand Canyon with a jar of pickled eggs under one arm. I’d even go as far as saying that when I’m wearing a Zana I feel like I could school one of those inhuman Asian Olympians in ping pong. I’m pretty sure I’m stronger and faster when wearing a Zana, and !

I’m also pretty sure that it’s because you weave sasquatch pubes into the fabric. And if that isn’t really true I’d prefer if you just let me keep on believing that, aside from your expert caftsmanship and attention to detail, sasquatch pubes are part of the magic that make me feel like Marty McFly in Back to the Future when he outran Biff on that wooden skateboard seconds before his car crashed into that manure truck and got loaded with horse turds when I’m wearing a Zana.

The main reason I emailed you this morning is because I was just browsing your website trying to figure out what to buy. The conclusion I have drawn is that I want it all. I’ll be putting in an order within the next couple weeks I’m sure. Keep up the awesome work out there guys!



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