Power Dry Crew – New Product!

Well, it took a few years, but we finally revived our long extinct Power Dry Longsleeve, and re-christened it the Power Dry Crew! The fit, cut and construction have all been been updated, while our classic silk-weight Polartec Power Dry fabric retains the same incredible moisture wicking performance as always, now with a minimum 57% recycled polyester fiber content.

Photog Braden Gunem in Telluride with the new Crew:DCIM100GOPRO

The raglan seams are sewn with our new “Activeseam” technology:PowerDryCrew2

This is our first product to use this seam. The stitching is created by a unique little blue sewing machine that we picked up last year. Little blue is from Merrow, an ancient East Coast company that is actually still manufacturing a line of sewing machines in Massachusetts (most of our machines are out of Japan):PowerDryCrew3

The super tough Red Lady Raft Racing team is sporting our new Crews out on the river this summer, along with our classic Power Dry Bras and another great new product, to be revealed very soon… Crush it, ladies!PowerDryCrew4


One response to “Power Dry Crew – New Product!

  1. We love our power dry tops and sport bras from Melanzana! We are super excited to be wearing gear from a local company with such a great reputation! Thanks to everyone at Melanzana for supporting us!!

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