Holiday Shopping made difficult!

2012 has been a typical roller coaster ride here at Melanzana. We produced a lot of product this spring, had a really nice plump inventory leading into the summer, and then did record sales all summer and quickly ran through most of it. We also lost a few key employees in the sewing department over the course of the year. So what does that mean for you, the holiday shopper??? Let’s do the math:

Sales up + Production down = Poor selection of product in December!

That’s right, things are gonna be tight around here for a while. We are busting ass to get as much product out as we can, but there will likely be some holes in our inventory for the next couple of months. We’ve got four hot shit new sewers in training to help out our grizzled veterans. Things will get better eventually. Over the next couple of weeks we will add the following to our inventory: Hard Face Vests (mostly Women’s), Wind Pro Sweats (Kid’s), more Micro Grid Hoodies and Vapor Grid Tops and Tights (M’s & W’s).

Got this image via email yesterday from CPT Oliver Wells of the Indiana National Guard Biathalon Team. This year’s “team call out” flyer. Thanks Oliver!


2 responses to “Holiday Shopping made difficult!

  1. randy heinbaugh

    Patiently waiting for resupply and restocking on your awesome stuff. I gotta have a least one or two new Melanzana some3hing-somethings each year. Even though they never wear out!

    • Thanks for your patience Randy! This January we are focusing on producing more Hard Face Hoodies & Vests, Vapor Grid Tops & Tights, and Wind Pro Hoodies & Sweats. Also going to do a handful of women’s High Loft Hoodies. We are waiting for more Micro Grid fabric to arrive from the Mill in early February, which means no additional Micro Grid in stock until mid-February.

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