Hard Face Is Back!

We just spent the last five weeks here cutting and sewing over 700 Hard Face Hoodies and Vests. Just a few more bundles of Men’s Vest to finish up at this point. Our sewers call it “Easy Face”, because it cooperates so nicely on the cutting table and sewing machines. Some new colors are now available in almost all sizes.

Cafe Aster for the ladies. This pattern is also available in Black (Nite Aster).

Men’s Vests in Cinder, Red Rum, Bark and Lichen.

Womens’s Hoodies: Pistachio, Nite Aster, Night Violet, Frosty, Cinder, Cafe Aster, and Aqua Drops:

I got to spend a few wonderful days with friends in the North Cascades backcountry earlier this month. Wore a Hard Face Hoodie every day as my mid-layer. Our Hard Face fabric strikes a perfect balance for active winter use: more breathable than any softshell, and better protection from moisture and wind than your average fleece.


2 responses to “Hard Face Is Back!

  1. Yeh!! Vests…do you have them for us girls too?

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