High Loft Hoodies

High Loft Hoodies are back in stock – we just finished up sewing a batch of over 500. This fabric is the “extreme warmth” version of Polartec’s High Loft fleece – super warm, highly breathable, ridiculously soft & comfy. Unfortunately, it is difficult and messy to work with. So while nobody here enjoys cutting and sewing High Loft, everyone loves wearing them!

We added a couple of new colors with this batch, including Dark Magenta, hanging here in our front window. That’s the Odd Fellow’s Hall that you can see reflected in the glass, a cool old Leadville building. Also our dump-score antique Raleigh bike parked below.

Women’s colors: Glacier, Graphite, Grizzly, Dark Magenta.

Men’s Colors: Graphite, Grizzly, Grass.


2 responses to “High Loft Hoodies

  1. Hi Fritz, Pete and I were just sitting here, me in my Eggplant and Pete in his Melanzana. My Eggplant must be a museum piece by now. You may not remember us, but we arrived in Leadville about the same time you did. Now we live in western Nebraska, Crawford, a small town that we love. Kind of like Leadville back then. We remember the name change, the factory fire and when you were across the street from where you are now. We are delighted to read about you and the business –many congratulations on what you have done and are doing. We are with you in spirit. It was fun hearing your words of wisdom once again – you haven’t changed. Love it!
    Best regards, Pete and Nancy Moore
    PS – Still wearing all the things we got from you, perfect for our life style here in Nebraska.

  2. The high-loft hoodies look wonderful.

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