Wind Pro 200 Colors

We just finished sewing up a big batch of Wind Pro 200. Maybe 250 pairs of sweats, and 150 Hoodies. Most of the colors are repeats, but there are a couple of new colors and related two-tones. Check our website for the full selection of colors. Sorry about the washed-out photos, our photography skills need a bit of work …

Men’s Sweats on the left: Blue Night, Black, and Pumpkin. Women’s Sweats on the right: Peacock, Black, and Ice.

Hoodies L to R: Men’s Blue Night/Peacock, Women’s Peacock/Aqua, Women’s Wasabi/ Deep Purple.

Here’s Drew rockin an older color on Leadville’s famed Mineral Belt Trail, with Mt Massive in the background.

Next up, about 500 High Loft Hoodies.


2 responses to “Wind Pro 200 Colors

  1. I have a Pay Pal Account and would like to get your t-shirt. Do you take Pay Pal

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