More Micro Grid, ASAP!

One of the many recurring problems with having a clothing factory is that we constantly have to make more product. Dang! For this next couple of weeks, we will be trying to finish up a big batch of Micro Grid tops before we move on to Wind Pro Sweats and High Loft Hoodies.

Javier sewing flaps into the zippers of his pile of 25 Zip Tops.

The master of Micro Grid.

Cindy edge stitches some more zip flaps for her pile.

No laughing!


2 responses to “More Micro Grid, ASAP!

  1. I love microgrid!!!

    This is going to sound like a crazy question, but can you tell me how I can get some microgrid to make myself a blanket with? I think it would make an awesome one.



    • Hi Justin – Our fabric is made for us in large quantities by the Polartec mill in Massachusetts. I have not seen it available by the yard. You could probably find similar polartec fabrics at the local fabric store or online, look for a style that uses a “micro” fiber. Good luck – Fritz

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