New softshell jackets underway

We are hard at work developing a new version of our softshell jacket. Want proof? Seda is sitting on it!

A fresh shipment of Powershield Pro softshell fabric arrived Friday.

This new fabric is a big step forward compared to the Powershield material we used in our last softshell. The “Pro” version of Polartec’s Powershield has much improved breathability, better water repellancy, and a lighter & less rubbery feel.

The previous version of our softshell – this one is maybe 5 years old.

The new version is a hoodless evolution of the above, with improvements throughout. Better material, much lighter overall weight. More warmth and better breathability. No pit zips – don’t need em! Super deluxe euro zippers. Improved wrist & waist hem closures. Twenty sizes! That’s right, twenty sizes, regular and tall versions in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. We can’t give you any more information at this time, no firm date, no final price. Just know that we are hard at work getting these developed, and that we have the material in the house. Good things come to those who wait!


8 responses to “New softshell jackets underway

  1. champing at the bit for this one. Any update as to when we can expect its release?

  2. Hi Michael- We are still dialing in the pattern. It will probably be another month or so before we are completely comfortable with the cut and fit. Then we have to fit it into our production schedule. At this point, it looks like late February at the earliest.

  3. Why did ya’ll go hoodless? As an outer layer, I always want my soft shell to have a hood.

    • Hey Dave-
      Thanks for the comment, I totally understand your desire for a hood. We are designing this no-hood version to work perfectly with one of our classic hoodie midlayers underneath, and then a helmet, or extra hat, over the top. I’ve been rocking the prototypes like this for a couple of months now, and it works.
      Check out the forth pic in the post “Snow In The High Country“, that’s me wearing one of our current prototype jackets, with our Hard Face Hoodie underneath, with the hood from the Hard Face fully engaged.
      We sell millions (OK, maybe only thousands) of hooded mid-layers every year, so it kind of makes sense to make a jacket that compliments them. That said, we still do hope to add a hooded version at some point, probably next winter.

  4. Any word on exactly when your new hoodless soft shells will be available?? Can’t wait!!

  5. Still anxiously waiting for these to show! If I weren’t in Indiana right now I’d be at your shop bugging you daily…

    • I am also waiting for the new softshells, but Winter is fast approaching and I need one SOON!! Please let us know when they are available – soonest!! The flakes are beginning to fly!!!

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