Solar powered apparel factory

We added 44 solar panels to our roof last August! The panels have been generating enough electricity to run our main 3000 square foot room. In other words, all of our sewing machines, computers and retail lighting is solar powered, as well as over half of our production lighting. That just leaves the room that houses our cutting table, the break room, and our three-phase air compressor running on conventional electric power. Nice!

The racking system gets mounted to the roof.

Crazy clouds that August afternoon.

Leadville city hall in the background.

Almost complete.

Luckily, Melanzana stumbled into some generous federal and utility grants that paid for a portion of this system. Unluckily, we used an installer out of Boulder. At this time we can’t recommend them, or even name them. (Starts with “A”, ends with “ux”!)

If A*****ux could only complete the job (pay their vendors!) we would happily recommend them. For now, stay away.

Runs good, even on cloudy days.

On sunny days our meter runs backwards!


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