First post!

The time has come to do a little blogging at Melanzana. It’s been seventeen years since we started making outdoor clothing here in Leadville! Look for occasional posts from us on a variety of vaguely business-related topics. Hopefully this blog will prove to be mildly entertaining, or at least slightly informative. What else would you expect from the great minds at Melanzana?


One response to “First post!

  1. We live in Ohio but visit our son and his family in Leadville at least once a year. We all have at least one item of Melanzana clothing and I highly recommend it to everyone who comments on it. Yesterday morning it was a bit cool here and our 8 year old son Sam said, “It’s a Melanzana day.” So, both kids went out to wait for the bus wearing their Melanzana hoodies. They are so versatile – we love them! Also, we enjoy visiting the store as all of the sales staff are very friendly.

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